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Custom Enamel Pins - Hard Enamel Badges - Personalised Enamel Badges

Custom enamel pins and hard enamel badges custom made to the finest possible quality online using superior and most durable pantone matching coloured hard enamel or soft enamel lapel pins can be made to suit your company branding. Personalised enamel pins make exclusive corporate company gifts and promotional products for marketing promotions and can be tailor made to any shape, size, metal thickness or coloured plating you desire to enhance your branded custom enamel badge design.

custom enamel pins

Android Custom Enamel Pins

Premium enamel badges used for promotional gifts at the world mobile congress 2017 in Barcelona. Each of the custom enamel pins below was personalised with black nickle plating and a different colour skin tone was applied to each android that relates to Nokia's point of sale 'connecting people' with Google's latest android software. The personalised enamel pins feature a tiny classic Nokia 301 mobile which is a hint a new retro phone may soon be re-released. "Were Talking Android".

custom magnetic enamel badges made for make up brand

Charlotte Tilbury Enamel Star Badges

Premium hard enamel star shaped badges used for promotional gift items at SpaceNK London. "Five Star Makeup Brand".

custom enamel pins made for this household brand

Filippo Berio Enamel Pin Badges

Premium hard enamel pins custom made for this Italian olive oil brand. "Filippo Great".

custom branded enamel magnetic badges

Swarovski Magnetic Enamel Badges

Premium chunky metal hard enamel badges custom made with strong magnets for this high end fashion jewellery brand and crystal manaufacturer . "Everything Is Crystal".

custom enamel badges for Disney

Disney Personalised Hard Enamel Pins

Corporate personalised enamel pins manufactured for all Walt Disney global security operations staff to wear. These personalised enamel pins were made with the Mickey Mouse character and EMEA text to define the purpose of the pin badges. "The Disney Waltz".

Branded promotional custom enamel pins made for Ford company product launch

Ford Custom Enamel lapel Pins

Corporate branded custom enamel pins manufactured exclusively for UK motor company Ford. The enamel lapel pins were custom made to replicate their iconic blue and silver metal car badge and were used for a promotional event to help launch new eco deisel models in 2017. "Fordward Thinking".

Promotional personalised enamel pins made for Facebook community summit

Facebook Custom Enamel Pins

These promotional custom enamel pin sets were made for the Facebook community summit to be held in London for the first time in February 2018. The company marketing event brings community leaders from across Europe to share ideas and hear first hand from Facebook executives about new supportive products. "Your Face Our book".

Premium enamel badges personalised for Getty Images brand.

Getty Images Personalised Enamel Badges

These high end promotional enamel pin badges were custom made for Getty Images to celebrate their triumphant task of photographing sport for 50 years. "Ready Getty Set Go".

World snooker betfred premium custom hard enamel badges

Betfred World Snooker Hard Enamel Badges

Premium hard enamel badges personalised with Betfred branding to celebrate 4o years of world championship snooker televised at the crucible theatre in Sheffield. All of the best snooker players from around the world will be wearing these sponsored custom enamel badges on TV during the tournament. "Were A Safe Bet".

premium hard enamel badges custom made for Stone Island clothing brand

Stone Island Premium Hard Enamel Badges

Premium hard enamel personalised badges using the Canadian flag and corporate company branding for promotional marketing. "Style Set In Stone".

Premium enamel lapel pins custom made for Clarks shoes

Clarks Enamel Lapel Pins

High quality enamel lapel pins custom made for Clarks shoe makers in gold plated metal with racing green and multi colour hard enamel petals. "Badge Makers Since 2003".

premium football pin badge suppliers - pins made for West Ham United charity campaign

West Ham United Football Pin Badges

This shin pad design was custom made into hard enamel football pin badges were made in memory of the West Ham United footballer Dylan Tombides and given out to all players and managers to raise awareness for his charity foundation. "Hammer Time".

custom enamel pins customized for House Of Commons Shops.

Houses Of Parliament Custom Enamel Pins

Designer custom enamel pins customised with symbolic historical designs for the Houses Of Parliament shops. Here you can view the Portculis lapel tie pins "House Of Bespoke".

customised enamel pins for amazon prime video

Electric Dreams Customised Enamel Pins

Unique Electric Dream customised enamel pins made for the Amazon Prime exclusive film by PKD. The enamel pin badges were custom made with a double grooved black plated metal border and a gradient of hard enamel colours to compliment the elegant geometric art deco style badge. You can watch season one on Amazon "Prime Time".

premium enamel lapel pins personalised for the BHF.

Heart Foundation Custom Enamel Lapel Pins

Elegant looking hard enamel lapel pins custom made with red and white hard enamel to represent the British heart cells design. "Yours In A heart beat".

hard enamel pins personalised with the prestigeous silverstone logo.

Silverstone Classic Custom Shape Enamel Pins

Classic silver plated hard enamel badges custom made for the iconic Silverstone car racing event which features classic sports cars from different eras. "Get Set Go!".

premium corporate enamel badges customised for Salon Prive car shows

Salon Prive & Concours D'Elegance Corporate Enamel Badges

Both premium corporate enamel badges were mass produced to give out to all VIP guests at the Salon Privé Concours d'Elégance motoring event, the exclusive UK show that features the very best of British and European super cars. "We Are Privileged".

premium enamel pins cut to shape

RAF Rowing Pins

Both these silver and gold plated eagle shaped enamel pins were cut to shape and feature two detailed oars with the Royal Airforce colours. "Row RAF Row Your Boat".

raf hard enamel pin badges

RAF Aerodrome Enamel Badges

These enamel badges were made with the RAF branded colour scheme for the historical society based in Hornchurch. "Forcing History ".

premium enamel badges custom made for RIBA architects

RIBA London Premium Enamel Map Badges

These premium enamel badges were made for RIBA the Royal Institute Of British Archtecture. The map represents the locations where they have designed buildings. "Ariba Ariba".

Premium enamel badges made with the love scotch branding.

Love Scotch Premium Enamel Badges

These stylish high quality premium enamel badges were custom made to market the Love Scotch brand at the whisky festival. "#LoveBadges".

custom enamel chicken pins

Rosie The Chicken Custom Enamel Pins

These exclusive intricate custom enamel pins were made from the well known chicken character called Rosie in honour of the talented childrens book author Pat Hutchins who sadly past away in 2017. The premium enamel pins were plated in glossy black nickel for a realistic representation. "What Can You Find".

personalised enamel badges with magnet

Dinner At Davos Enamel Badges

These sophisticated personalised enamel badges were custom made with a strong magnet to attach the enamel badge firmly through clothing whilst creating an elegant posh seamless appearance. "Looking Tasty".

Enamel promo pins

Next Enamel Promo Pins

These promo enamel pins were tailor made for Next to promote there new spring / summer 2018 menswear fashion lines at the NEC in Birmingham. "What's Next?".

premium enamel badges

Aurelia Premium Enamel Badges

These premium enamel badges were custom made for the well established beauty cosmetics brand Aurelia to promote there probiotics skincare range. "Premium Care".

Customised Enamel badges made with Sap branding

SAP Customised Enamel Badges

Branded gold plated customised enamel badges made for SAP to promote their expert business enterprise software to a global market. "Lap Up SAP".

Custom enamel brooches made as staff gifts for the upmarket Montcalm hotel in Shoreditch

Montcalm Hotel Custom Enamel Brooches

The montcalm hotel wanted some premium custom enamel brooches made to give to all guests at there new 3 million developement in London's trend setting Shoreditch. "B By Bespoke".

corporate enamel badges

Stonegate Pub Corporate Enamel Badges

The Stonegate pub company wanted some branded corporate enamel pin badge merchandise manufactured for their company in house promotions. "Cheers Stonegate".

Luxury Enamel pins tailor made for Grace Hotels.

Grace Hotel Luxury Enamel Pins

Grace hotels wanted some high end luxury enamel pins made with their branded logo to give to all guests that tay in their high class sunny resorts accross the world. "Grace & Glory".

Quality black metal enamel pins custom made for WHO.

UHC Enamel Lapel Badges

Grace hotels wanted some high end luxury enamel pins made with their branded logo to give to all guests that tay in their high class sunny resorts accross the world. "Grace & Glory".

Corporate Enamel badges made for WHO.

World Health Organisation Corporate Enamel Pins

WHO needed these premium corporate enamel pins manufactured to present at world TB day to help promote against this desease. They have since become a regular client for us to be proud of. "World Badge Organisation".

company enamel badges made for Manuli Hydraulics, used as promotional gifts at trade shows.

Manuli Hydraulics Company Enamel Badges

Both these company enamel badges were made to promote this automotive parts manufacturing brand at trade shows world wide "Manuli Power".

quality enamel pins

Tavistock Wealth Quality Enamel Pins

High end branded soft enamel badges custom made for Lemon Tree with there company logo to great affect. Straight away you know which company these badges represent. "Zing Zinger".

custom soft enamel pins no minimum made for Lemon Tree trust

Lemon Tree Trust Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

High quality soft enamel lapel pins custom made to shape from solid metal and silky soft enamel to match the corporate company branded slogan. "Make An Investment".

Enamel badges made for North East Times.

Poetry Enamel Badge

Classy yet simple name badges made with the striking contrast of black enamel against the polished gold metal which always works very well. "Poetry In Motion".

Enamel badges made for North East Times.

North East Times Enamel Pins

NET wanted some classy branded hard enamel badges made to market their online magazine services. "Good Times".

Unique hard enamel badges custom made with phrases.

Raise Your Hopes Hard Enamel Badges

This elongated badge design had to have two pin posts soldered to the reverse for balance. The design has utilised the enamel colouring to great effect offering bright eye catching colour ways. A really staement badge! services. "Raise A Rainbow".

Historical enamel badges and cufflinks made for the Northern Lighhouse and used as promotional gifts

Northern Lighhouses Enamel Pins & Enamel Cufflinks

Gold plated hard enamel pins and enamel cufflinks customized to replicate the historic Northern Lighhouse name plaque. "Lighter".


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