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Premium Metal Pin Badges, Custom Magnetic Lapel Pins, Personalised Pin Badges

Premium personalised pin badges, custom magnetic lapel pins and quality metal pin badges are tailor made to order. Your badges can be personalised with numbers or personal details whilst inccorporating your company branding with the use of different coloured plated metals and metal finishes to suit. Please email us your company pin badge design to obtain a quotation. If you have an urgent deadline we can accommodate wholesale rush orders at short notice in as little as 7 working days.

Custom gold Fat Duck soft enamel lapel pins - A Heston Blumenthal Michelin Star Restaurant

The Fat Duck 3D Metal Pin Badges

These 3D Duck metal pin badges have a polished gold plated finish including a soft enamel mirror which were custom made especially for Heston Blumenthals award winning restaurant of the year The Fat Duck. With three Michelin stars and voted the Best Restaurant in the World and Best Restaurant in the UK you know your in good company when it comes to quality! "Home Of Heston".

Custom double gold lapel pins badges

WRU Double Pin Badges

These stunning long service staff awards were made with two badges and connected with short trace chains. One badge was made of the principality stadium in Cardiff, the other was personalised with the number 20 to represent the number of years the stewards have worked at the stadium."2020 Staff Pick".

custom magnetic lapel pins for clothes

Android Magnetic Lapel Pins

These custom gold lapel pins were made as magnetic lapel pins to celebrate the launch of Nokia's new smart phones including the latest android software at the mobile world congress trade show and were given to all guests at the VIP after party to enhance the promotion. "Android says yes".

custom gold lapel pins customized for Magnum

Magnum ® Metal Pin Badges

Branded polished gold plated metal company lapel badges custom made for all staff to wear at the Magnum Infinity ice cream launch in Singapore. We utilised two badge moulds to make three different badges to save our client extra exspense."To infinity and beyond".

Personalised badges made to order for Subway

Subway ™ Personalised Badges

These polished silver and gold plated metal pin badges were personalised with different numbers and company branding to reward staff for the number of years they have served the company. "Never substandard, sub all the way"

Personalised pin badges customized for Lyle & Scott

Lyle & Scott Personalised Badges

These metal pin badges were personalised with the number 16, Lyle & Scott company branding and with various plated finishes ranging from polsihed silver and gold, antique silver and rose gold to reward staff for reaching their end of year company targets in 2016."Our Whole In One".

Branded luxury logo badges for Lyle & Scott

Lyle & Scott Branded Logo Badges

Lyle & Scott were after an iconic style branded badge to seamlessly fit in with their promotions. By making this pin badge in gold plated metal was the perfect way to portray the brands logo. "Eagle Eye".

wholesale custom badges made for the 2018 Bacardi Legacy cocktail competition

Bacardi Legacy ® Branded Pin Badges

Corporate merchandise at it's finest, these branded Bacardi badges were made to give out at the prestigeous Bacardi Legacy competition 2018. This is the second year in a row they have required our Premium Badge services which speaks volumes and says they are happy clients. "The Legacy Continues".

Premium personalised metal badges custom made for the 2017 Bacardi Legacy cocktail event

Bacardi ® Branded Corporate Badges

Corporate company metal pin badges custom made for the 2017 Bacardi legacy cocktail competition. Each personalised badge was plated with antique silver, antique gold and satin gold with a sandblasted background and were used as promotional gift items to give away to all attendees at this prestigeous annual event. The winner of the best cocktail would receive a branded trophy. "Luxury compliments a legacy".

Premium badges made for Kurt Geiger fashion brand

Carvela Magnetic Badges

Highly acclaimed fashion brand Kurt Geiger wanted some copper plated magnetic badges made to promote their sister brand Carvela. "We Stepped Up".

Premium quality 3D metal badges custom made for Dewars distillery

Dewars Deluxe 3D Metal Pin Badges

Fabulous antique copper metal pin badges blending nicely with the industrial feel of these personalised backing cards. The 3D formed monogram badges are made up of three D letters which are the initials of the co owners from this prestigeous distillery. "Dewars So Rewarding".

Branded metal badges made for Nandos

Nandos Metal Pins

Quality silver plated metal pins custom made for Nandos. The premium peri peri pins were personalised with a P and a heart which were sandblasted for contrast to the polished top and stands for I love Peri Peri. "Finger licking gifting".

Branded metal badges made for Motorola

Motorola Metal Pins

Premium quality solid gold plated metal pins with raised Moto branding and frosted recess for a professional contrasting finish."Hello Moto".

Corporate company badges made from sterling silver for Team GB Hockey

England Hockey Sterling Silver Badges

Luxury sterling silver pin badges made as premium gifts for all England Hockey team members in honour of there achievements at the London 2012 Olympic games. "Honoured to be part of it".

Silver badges handmade for Intel

Intel ® Handmade Sterling Silver Badges

We handmade these exclusive sterling silver metal badges for Intel. The pin badges were used as premium corporate gifts to help with team building and award staff for achieving there company targets. "When quality matters we deliver".

Premium gold plated metal service badges handcrafted for Brewers

Brewers Gold Personalised Badges

Premium badges handcrafted from bronze and hand finished then plated with pure 18k gold, rose gold, silver and black ruthenium. Each solid metal badge was personalised with numbers 10 - 40 years and were used as premium personalised corporate gifts to award employees for there long service to the company. "Dedication is all you need".

Premium antique gold football badges made for AVFC

AVFC Directors Club Football Pin Badges

Premium personalised football badges die stamped from solid brass and finished with antique gold plating. Each of the 24 badges were personalised with a different fixture from the 2017/2018 football season and are on sale to all directors club members in a special collectors case. "Be Prepared".

Premium textured metal pin badges

Boodles Lapel Pin Badges

Premium lapel pin badges made with a textured bark pattern and raised initial B to flow with Boodles fine jewellers branding. "Be Brand Aware".

Handmade silver pins for BT

BT Handmade Personalised Silver Pins

Sterling silver pins handmade for BT with their 100% moto slogan. The premium pins were made for a company sports promotion."Go 100 Percent".

Handmade bronze badges for Motorine

Motorline ® Handmade Personalised Badges

Bronze personalised badges handmade for Motorline motor company staff, a large car dealership with showrooms accross the UK."Your Moto Is Our Line".

Queens birthday badges

Queens Birthday Badges

3D gold plated queens birthday pin badges custom made as a brooch style badge and manufactured to celebrate the Queens 90th birthday. Every reader or subscriber to the Mail on Sunday newspaper would receive a free crown 90ER birthday badge. "Proud memories are worth more than memorabilia".

Queens college branded metal badges

Queens College Metal Lapel Badges

Solid gold plated metal lapel badges made from the iconic Queens college wyvern character. Every student who graduates would receive a complementary company badge as a reward for there achievements. "Work hard to be rewarded".

conservative party quality 3D metal pin badges

Conservative Party 3d Metal Pin Badges

Premium corporate pin badges custom made with silver and gold plated metal, enhanced with a softly curved 3D surface and edges to mimic the Conservative Party company branding. "We Represent Quality".

Custom promo metal badges made for Feefo

Feefo Metal Sherifs Badges

Custom corporate badges with polished gold plated metal. Custom made with a sherifts badge design and hard enamel Feefo company branding to award all employees with corporate promotional gifts to keep all staff motivated. You can view all of our corporate enamel pins here. "I take it we get 5 stars".

Exclusive metal pin badges custom made for Sky bar

Sky Bar Metal Pin Badges

These polished silver plated metal pin badges were custom made as exclusive corporate company gifts for all VIP members of London's ultimate roof terrace bar and party scene. "Reach to the sky!"

Metal pins custom made for UCL rewards

UCL Metal Pins

Cute little custom metal pins that were tailor made for the university of egineering college in London. The recessed cogs signify how our minds are engineered to develope solutions to change the world. The pins have a matt silver finish for a understated classy look."Women engineer life"

Custom metal badges made for the royal foundation heads together

Heads Together Custom Pin Badges

Branded silver plated custom metal badges tailor made from the heads together slogan associated with The Royal Foundation set up by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. "Think Then Act - Mind Over Matter"

Customised band merch

Band Merch - 3D Pin Badges

Perfectly formed gold electroplated pin badges custom made from a 3D badge design for all band members to wear whilst performing."Drum n Band"

Premium 3D metal badges and cufflinks made for Hartley Botanic

Hartley Botanic 3D Metal Badges and Cufflinks

Solid metal custom lapel pins and cufflinks made with a 3D raised company design and matt silver finish. The cufflinks were made with a custom solid cufflink fixing to create a unique premium product. Hartley has been manufacturing and designing green houses since 1938 and exhibits at London's prestigeous Chelsea flower show. "Flower Power".

Silver plated pin badges

Deutsche Bank custom Pin Badges

Branded chunky silver plated custom pin badges made with the Deutsche bank logo which includes a polished top, bevelled edges and frosted recess."You Can Bank On Us".

Silver plated 3D pin badges

Hortonworks 3D premium Pin Badges

Branded three dimentional lapel pin badges custom made to replicate this data analytics company logo. 3D Badge designs that portray your companies branding in a clear precise manner have the greater impact on a promotion due to eye catching detail standing out. "3 is the magic number"

High end 3D branded pin badges - Academy Robotics

Academy Of Robotics 3D Badges

These elegant 3D badges were made with the company slogan and were used for marketing new inventions associated with the UK Robotics institute."Robots In disguise".

Satin silver snowflake pin badges

Snow Software Pin Badges

These cute little satin silver snowflake pin badges were customised for one of our regular customers with their snow software logo including bevelled edges. "Let It Snow".

Shiny silver plated Colombo Gin metal badges

Colombo Gin Custom Pin Badges

Branded silver plated custom pin badges made with recessed branding for a subtle high end feel. "Colombo Coming Up".

personalised metal badges

Scottish Athletics Personalised Pin Badges

Personalised pin badges customised with silver, gold and antique gold plating. Each personalised pin badge was custom made with raised branding and personalised with years including a frosted background to create a high quality feel. Going Track Side.

Shiny frosted silver plated welcome break pin badges

Welcome Break Custom Pin Badges

These retro styled custom car pin badges were made for Welcome Break, one of the largest motorway service stations in the UK. The lapel badges have polished raised lines and shiny frosting on the car body. "Your Very Welcome".

gold pin badges made from a detailed design

Glasgow Artillery Metal Badges

Gold plated metal pin badges custom made from the city of Glasgow artillery drawing. "Aim And Fire".

silver plated Ilke Homes lapel pin badges

Ilke Homes Lapel Pin Badges

High quality compact lapel pin badges made with the clients branding from 1.8mm thick metal and a recessed bright frosted finish."Home Sweet Home".

Antique plated Action Cancer pin badges

Action Cancer Charity Pin Badges

Simple but effective lapel pin badges custom made to get the message accross with style. Plated with antique finishes to really make the text stand out."Take Action".

Hottinger Matt finished silver pin badges

Hottinger 3D Lapel Badges

Intricate 3D raised branding on the lapel badge that was cut to shape. Matt silver plated to create a premium look."Hot On Your Tails".

Handmade Sterling silver heart pin badges

Kwik Fit Silver Pin Badges

Handmade sterling silver heart shaped pin badges engraved with the text We Care which relates to Kwik Fits dedication for doing home visits to make sure your tires are road safe. "Kwik Fix We Do".

Branded company metal pins made for Martell

Martell Cognac Corporate Pins

Branded polished gold plated metal pins custom made with the Martell swallow slogan. Used to promote their heritagage collection of fine spirits. "We Are Flying".


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